Thursday, October 23, 2008


i'm tired of:

people who stop returning my calls and messages, avoid meeting up with me, and then pretend nothing's happened.

people who assume that since i'm usually the first to call/message them, they can just stop calling me.

people who take my company for granted.

i'm sick of you all. not because of what you do (although that's bad too, it's forgivable), but because you refuse to see that you're doing something wrong, and that it's hurting me. and because this refusal is not based on hints, but plain verbal conversations.


Winnie the poohi said...

Ahh seems like u need a break from ur friends.. Make new ones! I know it seems silly.. but well one has to let ppl miss u.. else they would take u for granted.. sorry but true!

Gandalf said...

if they are ignoring you, they probably don't need you. do the noble thing and let them go :)

Kris said...

@winnie: yeah, i'm on it already :)

@gandalf: some of them are a few cubicles away...can't quite let them go, can i? :D

Nothingman said...

dude, friends are only enemies you don't know yet.



White Diary said...

I remember I once told Friend A, that it has been 2 months since I have seen Friend B.

Friend A says, "Believe me, you are the only one counting"

I know how you feel...

Jadis said...

that made me realize i might just be such a fucker in the life of a certain someone.

i'll mend my ways. though.

Chheda said...

Dude, Come to Pune for a while, Drinks are always ready for you.

Kris said...

@jadis: it's okay. you don't have to be any nicer unless you want to be waaay better than the average woman i know.

@chheda: yeah dude, i was planning on coming this weekend but all my company backed out...and you're probably gonna be going home for diwali, correct?

WeirdISgooD2 said...

Ohkie, plz chk mail, and WTF, i still here, i still here!!! Barring occasional sleep 14 hours stretch where i no answer calls/ msgs.Enjoy Kashid, and let all these nasty people go. You dont need them. I 'll volunteer to come Bandra shopping with you and carry all your bags next time.

Kris said...

am too tired to read/reply to big mails now...maybe tonight :)

miss u choo!!! come back fast!!! look what other friends are doing to me in the meantime :(

ps: plenty of posts on kashid coming up. maybe one a day.

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