Thursday, April 03, 2008

wash, rinse, repeat

there's something about listening to one song all day on repeat mode: it causes the song to be associated with a memory of that time and place, and playing that song months later has the same effect as a rewind->play.

over the years (past 3 years to be precise - that's when i started listening to music on my phone), i've accumulated a treasure trove of such songs. it's hard for me to pick the song based on the feeling (my brain doesn't have that sort of inverse-search capability...yet :P), but i've realised that i can bookmark the potentially memorable moments of my life by sticking them with an awesome song with no prior memories attached.

song for today: sick and tired by anastacia. (ironic, no? :D)

memory for today: kiddie toy shopping with nicky in the mall.

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