Monday, August 13, 2007

passwords (some things never change)

i hate changing my passwords. which is very ironic, because having personally seen friends' accounts (and pcs) being hacked to bits, i know exactly how much havoc can be wreaked with them :D

unfortunately, i have a very limited memory for passwords. i also decide on pretty complicated passwords, and given the number of times in a day i need to use them, i end up remembering them mechanically (i actually instinctively move my fingers in the right pattern, without even thinking). end result: every time i change my password, i end up typing my old password atleast a few times before realising why i can't log in. to add to the inertia, i've now lost track of the number of places i have an account. thankfully, i can remember my last 2 passwords with some effort (and a lot of thought). sadly though, the number of accounts i have created since my last global password change has more than tripled (i've actually lost count, so i can't even arrive at a multiple anymore). i guess i'm now a victim of what i used to scoff at other people for: "website loginitis" :P

anyway, i'm planning to change my password next week. if i stop posting/mailing/chatting/orkutting/facebooking/whatevering for some time after that, it's probably because i'm trying to figure out which password works where :P

come to think about it, the time has definitely come for biometric authentication or atleast globally accepted smartcards. the bait seems enticing. now when will the big fish bite???


My Foot? said...

hmmmm, never considered changing passwords :( I'm too confused already..

krist0ph3r said...

awwww...don't cry!!! i'm tired of it too!!! i'll turn it off and see if i start getting spammed :D

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