Monday, January 12, 2009

the vacation feeling

i just discovered the best way to make my weekend more relaxing (if i'm spending it outside of home):

go out in shorts and slippers.

yeah, that just changes everything. maybe it's because i'm always wearing shorts at home and on vacation, or maybe just because they're so comfy and perfect for bombay weather (yeah, even the peak of "winter" :D)

it was a lazy saturday morning (the day before yesterday, to be precise). so lazy that i didn't get out of my sleeping clothes.

i went for a movie *alone* to inorbit (another first!!! yayyy!!!)

met a friend outside her place at d-mart for a few minutes.

picked up punkpolkadots at marve road.

biked to bandra.

roamed hill road while punkpolkadots shopped.

took a train to churchgate.

desserted at theobroma's.

was joined by arjun for a few beers at leo's.

roamed colaba causeway while punkpolkadots shopped (she's a very guy-friendly shopper - brought 3 skirts and a dress in 5 minutes, about the same time as it took me to take out money from a nearby atm :P). now that's nice!!!

took a fast train back to bandra. almost lost my shorts in the rush. thank god for secure undies!!! :P

picked up my bike, went to ivy at versova.

chilled out at ivy with aalaap and punkpolkadots till the wee hours of the morning (ivy has *nice* and super cheap wines, though i couldn't appreciate them with my stuffed nose :().

got lost and reached juhu beach.

finally reached home at 2:30am.

went to sleep. still in my sleeping clothes. (okay, i was exhausted...i'm not such a dirty fellow on normal days)

it was the most awesome day spent in bombay in my recent past!!! probably because i haven't spent a weekend in bombay in the recent past. or maybe also because of the shorts :D

next experiment: commando ;)


WeirdISgooD said...

Krisu, don't go commando ! Mishaps occur. You might damage the family jewels :P

krist0ph3r said...

yeah, i'll stay away from trains. bike should be safe unless someone heavy is sitting behind me and i hit the brakes in an emergency :P

Winnie the poohi said...

lucky u :D

Anonymous said...

Please tell me when you're going commando, so i cant steer clear!

My Foot? said...

If you meant Aalaap from Twitter, you spelled his name wrong :P I'm tellin!

krist0ph3r said...

sorreeee!!! don't tell ah pleeeeze!!!

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