Sunday, March 30, 2008


try solving it, and then click on the image for the answer.

i guess i'm (almost) a true nerd. if i hadn't realised what i was doing, i'd have lost my job last tuesday :P

ps: my apologies to all nerds who happen to read this. i wish the href could have been better, but i can only give what knowledge i already have, no?

Friday, March 28, 2008

the song that didn't rhyme

i've been listening to alice cooper on my phone (when at work) for the past couple of days. i don't even know why.

to be truthful, i actually do know why, but i was beginning to question the sanity of my motives last night. to put it plainly, i thought alice cooper sounded like crap. or rather, not even crap. i found their songs boring and drab, not even the sort that gets me pissed. more like the sort that makes you wish it gets over as soon as it can.

then i heard this song on my phone today evening. and it turned everything around.

i'll probably not listen to alice cooper for the next few months, if not years, but i now have new found respect for them. in fact, i now like them more than i like people who make crappy music. because this song explains why some of their songs truly sounded like crap. i have made my assumptions and used a lot of leeway in my interpretation, but i guess that's one right music does give me :)

The Song That Didn't Rhyme - by Alice Cooper

Wrote a song
It was wrong
From it's very first conception
Seemed I struggled on every line

It wasn't fast
It wasn't pretty
It wasn't serious
Or witty
The song that didn't rhyme

The band couldn't wing it
The singer couldn't sing it
The drummer's always out of time

The DJs were offended
My union card suspended
Billboard declared it a crime

The melody blows
In a key that no one can find
The lyrics don't flow
But I can't get it out of my mind

A three minute waste of your time
On the song that didn't rhyme

It was bland
It was boring
All the groupies they were snoring
The first time we played it live

All the record guys got fired
The president retired
But somehow the song survived

The melody blows
In a key that no one can find
The lyrics don't flow
But I can't get it out of my mind

Oh, the melody blows
In a key that no one can find
The lyrics don't flow
But I can't get it out of my mind

A three minute waste of your time
No redeeming value of any kind
But thanks for the $12.99
On the song that didn't rhyme

what's my love type?

i had taken imagini's viaualDNA test ages ago. that probably landed me on their mailing list.

today, after about a year, they sent me a mail inviting me to take their new quiz. about what i think/feel/want from love and romantic relationships.

the results were interesting. apparently, i'm a love magnet. and strange as the label may sound, a little introspection reveals that they were actually pretty close, if not bang on.

ah well. let's just say the timing isn't perfect. being reminded how much you miss being in love right when you're trying to get out of the whole love -> romance -> heartbreak loop definitely seems like one of life's nastier stunts...unless i'm reading my life upside down :P

oh and the test isn't open to all yet, but you can sneak in anyway

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

single by force

some people seem to hate women/relationships for absolutely no reason. this guy doesn't even have a girlfriend. or ever had one that i know of, for that matter.

i wonder what's his problem :P

ps: if you're reading this, no offense intended. i just found it funny. and i blurred your name too, see?

life and love

i've always tried to live by the philosophy: "be a part of the solution, not a part of the problem"

i guess that's why, given the opportunity, i throw myself into a relationship so whole-heartedly. a little extra love never hurt anyone, right?

worng. as i was reminded again recently.

i guess it's because i get carried away. i seem to lose sight of the line between love and desire too easily.

hopefully, i shall learn to spot the difference before i mess up people's lives. and hopefully, life gives me another chance.

till then, i'm taking a break from it all.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

happy easter!

easter is a time for new hope, new beginnings and a fresh look at life, armed with the message of salvation and jesus' triumph.

while i get to work on living the easter message in my life, here's an easter wish to you from the bottom of my heart...may you always love till it hurts, because love will always triumph!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

outlook for brains (or why i need a "mark as untold" button)

i have a near-photographic memory for jokes. if i've read a joke before, i recognise it immediately, and in most cases, i can even complete it once i'm halfway through reading it.

i used to make use of that skill of mine to keep track of jokes i recieve in email. once i read a joke, if it was new, i'd save it in a text file. if i sounded familiar, i'd have a laugh, and move on to the next one. it worked this way for a few years, till i got too lazy to save jokes i had whe i finally went to save the jokes, every single joke seeemed familiar (since i've read each one, but not saved it).

recently, the same thing's been happening again. i've been telling so many people stories about my life, that i've forgotten what i've told who. between my blog and all my close friends that i bore everyday with incidents from my life, i probably cover everything worth telling atleast thrice, if not more.

which brings me to the same old problem...i don't know what i've said before and what i've not.

i wish my brain had a "mark as unTold" option :D

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

my idea of a perfect weekend

after ages, a long weekend is finally here. most people welcome such weekends unconditionally. i, however, do not. and that's because it's very easy for me to not enjoy a holiday.

strangely enough, the only way i can enjoy a holiday is if i have so many things that i want to do, that i need to decline a few of them. the more things i have to decline, the better. if there's only one thing to do, i'll probably sleep instead and wake up with a splitting headache.

i used to wonder why i should be subject to such a weird pattern. i think i have it figured now:

apparently, it doesn't matter what i'm doing...i've got the ability to enjoy anything i may do, as long as my mind is bent on enjoying it. plus, i always have something to do in my free time. if i wasn't picky, i'd end up picking at the bottom of that pile, rather than the top. making sure i have a choice ensures that i always pick things of the top of my pile. and sleep is always welcome, even if it gives me a headache when i oversleep, because it seems to help me get through the next week in much better shape.

so yeah, i'm back to planning my weekend. i've already said no to atleast 2 people regarding thursday's schedule. looks like i'm gonna enjoy this one. and hopefully, without much sleep too :P

Monday, March 17, 2008

a year in a blog's life

it's been a little over a year since my first blog post.

when i started off, i never thought i'd end up posting regularly. 367 days, and 196 posts later, it seems i was wrong.

just like i have, my blog has evolved over the year. when i started out it thouight it would be mostly technical and related to pcs or phones or occasionally, music. what has actually resulted is more of my life, my experiences, my thoughts, and strangely enough, humour.

i take this occasion to thank all my readers, both regular and occasional, for being there, spending their precious time, and commenting whenever they saw fit. it's been a great journey, and i will go on, just as my life does.

i also thank the people who inspired me to blog, mainly marj, scott adams, and rahul, but also the tons of other bloggers whose posts i love to read.


ps: third post of the day. i guess i should stop now :P

in love with life

song to listen to while reading: "i hope you dance" by leann womack

it's amazing what a vacation can do for you.

i was living with my eyes half-closed, dragging myself through each day of work, enjoying small things like long chats with my close friends, walks around my office after lunch, nice music, the occasional good get the drift.

then i took a one week vacation to goa.

it was amazing. it's been months since i've woken up at 1pm on a monday afternoon, walked in the sand and got my feet wet with cool seawater in the peak of noon, roamed miles of tree-lined roads on a bike in shorts and bathroom slippers, partied till i could party no more, stayed up all night talking with my best friends everyday.

it was exactly what i needed.

now, i'm back in bombay. last night was one of my best nights of sleep in months. i even woke up early today morning.

and then i realised, i don't need a vacation to enjoy my life. i have the most amazing life as it is. i have everything i could possibly want: a family that loves me to bits, a challenging but fun job, enough of free time, friends who make me feel good by just being there, and someone who i want to spend the rest of my life with.

for all of you out's a big hug, from me to you. may you find the beauty in your life, sooner rather than later.

and i hope you dance too.

waking up at home

it's been over a week (10 days, to be precise) since i've actually woken up in my own bed at home.

the best part of change is appreciating the difference:
  • my bed is harder at home (i like it that way :))

  • the birds chirp louder around home

  • there is less breeze around home

  • the little traffic that i hear is of rickshaws (as opposed to bikes/scooters in goa)

  • i feel like tiptoeing out and doing something by myself (as opposed to lazing in bed till i fall asleep again in goa :P)

  • if i feel like walking, i have to do it on my terrace rather than on the beach :(

  • there is a fridge to raid (and it doesn't contain alcohol ;))

oh well...i guess that pretty much covers it. i shall now attempt to be early to work.

sunrise at baga beach

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

virtual public networking

today, i was witness to one of the strangest technologically-induced

in a moment of boredom (while sipping my beer on baga beach), i
started reading my google reader (which, incidentally, i haven't
touched for the past 2-3 weeks). reader on my pc shows up items
oldest-first, but the mobile version can't be set to do that (for now,
atleast). and so, i happened to read my friend's post about his "day 2
in goa".

i called him. he's still in goa. we're meeting up tomorrow.

interesting...isn't it? people who haven't been in touch for months
bump into each other while vacationing in another state, all just
because one of them moBlogged it and the other moRead it.

wonder if any of the popular social networks can be tweaked to geotag
profiles and find people using that. it'd have killed this one
surprise, but the possibilities are *very* interesting :)

Monday, March 10, 2008

17 hours of biking

it's funny, how theory amd practise rarely coincide.
the ride from mumbai to goa is 600-odd kilometres, entirely on
highways. a road trip should take 12 hours including breaks...right?
apparently not.
it's impossible to average 60 on roads that go up and down hills, with
hairpin bends every 50 metres.
it's impossible to keep your breaks down to 15 minutes per 2 hours
when you're battling scorching heat, blistering sunshine, and a very
sore butt.
it's impossible to keep going at the same pace after a small spill
leaves you bruised and aching.
lesson learnt: keep about 50% buffer time when planning a road trip.
plan for the worst.
oh and once you reach, don't forget to enjoy...cheers!!!

Friday, March 07, 2008

one more pre-vacation checklist

finally...i'm almost on my way to goa. communication freak that i am,
i have to take care of that too before i leave (and my packing's not
half done, but my online preparations are over)

- all mail accounts checked, no unread mail left.

- orkut profile updated: no scrapping till the 16th (but messages work fine)

- blog set to post rather than save to drafts when i moPost

and now the final touch: checking if i can upload pics to my blog from
my mobile. starting with a (crappy) photo of my not-crappy-at-all old

if you see a photo now, you know there's more to come :)

Thursday, March 06, 2008


it's been about 3 months since my last vacation, and i'm about to hit the road again! this time, it's goa...and i'm going with 3 of my best buddies back from my xaviers days.

keep watching for moBlogs coming up over the next 9 days or so!

anyway, the lull in posting is entirely my fault. i've been lazy. will probably catch up on the b(ack)log while on vacation. keep reading! (okay, wait for me to post first :P)

Monday, March 03, 2008

déjà vu

i was looking through my music collection today, and happened to chance upon a long-lost favourite, armin van buuren's "deepsky" remix of the song "you won't see me cry" by markus schulz. not surprisingly, this song has plenty of memories attached to it. starting with me mentioning it in my blog almost a year ago, and continuing to a lot of other things that were also going on in my life at about the same time.

it's really strange - no matter how much things change, life has to drag me through the whole circle and back to the same spot. only, i'm in a different city, doing overtime at a different job, and the song makes me think of someone else now.


i've been listening to a lot of music at work of late. nothing new about that, except that i usually have to be picky about what's playing, or i won't be able to concentrate on work. usually, non-vocal trance/classical/instrumental stuff do the trick.

not anymore.

it's a very strange change. i can now work with any music. *any* music. ska, punk, slow rock, fast rock, hard rock, trance, oldies, mush, whatever. even silence (with my earphones still plugged into my ears).

even stranger, i don't seem to be able to recall what i've been listening to. the only way i know i've listened to something is because it's above what's currently playing in my phone/player's playlist.

it's the musical equivalent of sleepwalking, if there ever was such a thing. and i slip into it so easily, it's scary.

back to switchfoot.

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