Thursday, December 20, 2012

tapering off

4 posts in as many months. I wonder where this blog is headed. but wherever that may be, I'd have to be blind to miss the obvious: I have almost stopped posting.

A bit of introspection made me realize that my life has shifted from being public to being private. gone are the days when I'd pour my heart out on my blog, twitter, or even Facebook.

These days, most of my communication with the people around me is done in private.

I'm still trying to figure why.

This blog is in a state of neglect because of a variety of reasons: starting with laziness. The other thing is this feeling that my posts should be "quality or nothing"

twitter is still good, I still feel the connect there. I guess it's just laziness. but I do feel that now that I don't hang out much in real life with my twitter friends, I don't have that nudge to be there and read their every tweet. The friendships I've forged on twitter are strong enough to survive without much online interaction. and I don't really have the energy to make any more friends online.

Facebook, for me, seems to have disintegrated into a place to share random stuff from around me, but nothing *about* me. and when I look around, it seems like that's the case with most of my friends as well.

so what's left is: whatsapp, my phone, and meeting up.

and these 3 (not so much my phone, actually) have taken over my life.

I have probably typed more in  whatsapp+gtalk messages in a year than I have typed tweets, blog posts, and Facebook posts in 5 years.

my life is back to being private again.

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