Wednesday, April 30, 2008

kris unplugged

it's been years since i've been to kashid. i just love that place. virgin beach (hopefully still virgin :P), camping in the (not so very) wild, delicious barbecues (the only time i cook...and cook well, apparently), the lovely sea. heaven on earth. cellular coverage.

maybe that's how it's supposed to be in heaven. :)

Sunday, April 27, 2008

the mess that is my life

i used to pride myself for keeping my head straight on my shoulders. not anymore. if anything, i've realised i am a lot more messed up than i thought i was.

i'm still searching my past for the turning point in my life, but i doubt i'll find it.

i guess life is what i make of it, one choice at a time. and i have made many questionable choices so far.

just today morning, i realised i made one mistake too many.

i just hope life gives me a second chance...and people who can't forget what i did, will atleast forgive.

and i need to start thinking about consequences, and not just actions.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

eye-poppingly fast downloads

this is about as fast as consumer-class internet connections get in india, apparently.

mtnl rocks!

past perfect

the best thing about living a connected life is that i leave pointers to my memories no matter where i go or what i do. there's my blog, twitter, facebook, orkut, gmail, my texts, and occasionally (but not connectedly), even my diary.

somehow, it always feels good to track back and read my old memories. in fact, it's probably something i can do as often as i feel like, and still never get bored of. i wonder why. it's not like all my memories are happy, funny or even worth remembering. it simply feels nice to go back.

reminders of how far i've come, and yet how i essentially remain the same.

reminders of the people who have come into my life, stayed there, and occasionally, left.

i guess i'll never have to worry about entertainment when i'm old. i'll just have to read "the collated writings of kristopher noronha" (provided it's small enough for me to physically handle :D)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

playing catch up

not-so-very-hot-on-the-heels-of-facebook, sometime in the last 15 hours, orkut added support for applications.

here's some ideas for more features it should add:
comments on photos.
tags on photos.
a status line.
a mobile interface.
posted items.

orkut (and hence, google) has gone from doing it's own thing to being just another wannabe. what a sorry trend. and yet it continues unbated. :(

Thursday, April 10, 2008

traffic control FAIL

i clicked this photo a couple of hours ago while leaving from work. that's the entrance to the restrooms, btw. i kid you not.

i'm guessing someone who's just managed to get their vehicle through the turnstile and up 6 flights of stairs is going to be mighty pissed when they read a sign that says they can't park here :P

i stand alone

apparently i'm the only "kristopher noronha" on facebook. i searched.

orkut doesn't even know me as kristopher, probably because of the fancy greek/russian/whatever letters i've used to spell it out.

i guess i'm very lucky.

ps: i think i'll go back to using my real name in orkut :)

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

amazing notepad feature!

i've occasionally seen notepad switch from normal left-to-right text to right-to-left, and always wondered why. i've even tried all sorts of key combinations, to no avail. i finally cracked the puzzle today, thanks to a happy accident and a lot of wasted time trying combinations of keys.

to reverse the text input direction in notepad, press ctrl + rshift. to get it back to normal left-to-right, use ctrl + lshift.

btw, it even reverses the arrow keys. strange!!!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

telephonic oddities

it's amusing, the way people sometimes react when something unexpected happens at the other end of the phone line. i probably am weirder, but my puny mind doesn't allow me enough of objectivity for me to see the humour in that. so yeah, back to making fun of other people:

my office desk phone rang today afternoon. a name flashed on the screen, so it was an internal call. i answered.

k: hello!
u: ummm
k: hello?
u: errrr
k: kris here, who's this? (yeah, that was a dumb thing to say. my name is showing on his phone, and his name is on mine :P)
u: (probably got over the surprise at dialing hari's number and seeing kris on his phone) can i speak to hari?
k: this isn't hari's phone. i think hari left the company.

i later found out that hari hadn't quit, he was transfered - and he is very much in bombay too. oh well.

which reminds me of another (pretty old) incident:

k: (picks up the landline to check for a dial tone before dialing)
phone: silence
k: (screams across the house and also into the phone) mama, the phone's dead!!!
confused voice at the other end of the line: hello...kris???

apparently i picked up the phone at the exact same moment as the phone started ringing. neither i not my aunt at the other end heard it ring.

oh and of all the possible coincidences, i happened to make 2 calls today that were answered by fax machines. i tried squeaking into the line in the hope of making the machine detect my voice as the carrier signal. i actually managed to confuse the fax machine once :P

Monday, April 07, 2008

'rode' house blues

after weeks (precisely 2 weeks in fact) of deliberation and jerky starts, i decided that i won't learn to fly unless i push myself from the nest. and so i did.

i rode to work today. and reached. in one piece. without any mishap.

it was fun.

ps: the only reason i'm not smiling was because i forgot to. if you ask me about my bike, i *will* smile.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

quest for ratings

apparently my friends have very interesting perceptions about me.

i'm usually the last to arrive, yet i'm 4th most punctual.

80% of my friends are more jealous of me than of their other friends.

and some things didn't quite make it to the top of the list, but i still can't figure why:

15th - rather live with - 100%!!!

28th! - better taste in music - 100%!

40th - rather date - 100%!

ps: title for the post is inspired from south park, season 8, episode 11


a really innovative service. if i got a moving hard-on, they'll give me 1gb of free space so that i can i can share it with my friends! they should have named it ;)

ps: for the hard-of-sight, i quote: "plus 1gb mobile to share your mobile stiff with friends, all free!"

Thursday, April 03, 2008

wash, rinse, repeat

there's something about listening to one song all day on repeat mode: it causes the song to be associated with a memory of that time and place, and playing that song months later has the same effect as a rewind->play.

over the years (past 3 years to be precise - that's when i started listening to music on my phone), i've accumulated a treasure trove of such songs. it's hard for me to pick the song based on the feeling (my brain doesn't have that sort of inverse-search capability...yet :P), but i've realised that i can bookmark the potentially memorable moments of my life by sticking them with an awesome song with no prior memories attached.

song for today: sick and tired by anastacia. (ironic, no? :D)

memory for today: kiddie toy shopping with nicky in the mall.

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