Tuesday, July 15, 2014


today was a day of very random coincidences:

i missed my office bus by precisely a minute - i was actually gonna leave my desk 5 minutes early and grab a snack, but i broke a build and the build servers were overloaded so took longer than usual.

my usual lift home (a colleague who lives nearby and generally leaves about 15 minutes after the office bus), left an hour early today.

I got drenched walking to the bus stop in the downpour.

i missed the AC express bus by barely half a minute.

I left two regular buses that would have taken me home as they were too crowded (bursting at the seams with people is a more appropriate description).

took the third bus as it was much emptier than the ones I just left.

the third bus takes the most convoluted route ever.

two and a half hours later, i'm still in the bus, which has taken a two hour circuit of andheri East and is now barely 15 minutes (by any other sane means of transport) from where I started from.

my bike, which I gave for servicing yesterday evening, is still not ready, and will take another day.

the bus hasn't moved in the last 35 minutes.

I'd have been home if i waited another HOUR in office and took the 745 bus home.

I haven't eaten since lunch, which was 8 hours ago. the only edible stuff with me is a 25g packet of chips. I'm saving it for when the hunger gets unbearable.

the bus transmission is making strange metallic sounds whenever it inches forward. its shocks have already bottomed out multiple times so far.

we're somewhere in aarey, in a spot that gets data while still registering no signal. no calls going through.

my bluetooth, tab and ipod are out of charge (i forgot to charge the latter two since yesterday), and my phone's on 25%.

it's pouring cats and dogs outside.

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