Monday, February 27, 2012

residual dreams

some of you may know that i brought a new bike, early last month. a few pics were on my post about my purushwadi trip (but i didn't mention much about the bike then either... let's save that up for a future post!)

anyway, this dream was about my new bike. around a month ago, when the bike was barely 3 weeks old.

i dreamed that the headlight would prevent the battery from charging (somewhat like how it does on my old bike).

i woke up, knowing fully well that it was a dream, and that i have nothing to worry about. people ride their bikes with their headlights on all the time. and the karizma is better than most other bikes in that regard anyway.

but the next evening, when i was riding home, i didn't switch on the headlights wherever there was street lighting.

and that has stuck with me ever since.

i still have no idea why i have the irresistible urge to switch off my headlights unless absolutely necessary, after that dream. it defies all logic and explanation. and yet, i still do it, a month later.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

late-night musings

2:30am, last friday night. i was tossing and turning in bed, in anticipation of an important, and early saturday morning.

as a last-resort cure for insomnia, i tried praying (since prayers usually put me to sleep in under 5 minutes!). and i then turned to twitter. and kinda logged my stream-of-consciousness:
everyone's tweeting to themselves at this hour. The beauty of late-night-twitter :)
I think I should just fish out my half dead earphones and my barely charged ipod and listen to kraftwerk while I try to sleep.
something about the way that tweet looked to me struck me. it's hard to describe how, but the sentence seemed to fall together in a fascinating way to me at that hour. it was just a simple one-line description of my thought, that somehow fascinated me.
sometimes, my words seem so alien. the fact that my thoughts can be put together into something that makes some semblance of sense to you.
are we really communicating? or do my symbols have an entirely different meaning to you? are my sights your sounds? your words, my thoughts?
humans are so good of making sense of nonsense, that you all could be white noise from cosmic radiation.
the brain in the vat doesn't need its computer.
we define everything in terms of ourselves. which why we accept no power greater than the self.
even God is anthromorphised. how does your God look like, to you?
are we intelligent? we create the world around while creating ourselves. we destroy the world around, and realize we've destroyed ourselves.
is our perceived intelligence merely a by-product of defining our universe in terms of ourselves?

my fried andrea (who had probably just woken, in australia) asked me what sparked off the stream of thoughts. my answer:
I don't know. I couldn't sleep, tried praying, then singing, and then the rest of my thoughts are on twitter for you to see :)
scrolled back & found it. I had read my own tweet about taking the ipod out and was struck by the words matching my thoughts :)

Saturday, February 18, 2012


the memory of a friend's wi-fi ssid (which is also his apartment building's name) took me back to when i was 4 and my dad would sing me to sleep every night:

Pearly Shells,
From the ocean.
Shining in the sun
Covering the shore
When I see them
My heart tells me that I love you
More than all those little pearly shells

Saturday, February 11, 2012

the morbid

I've been dreaming a lot, daily. been trying to remember them, but it's now a little too much to write.

anyway, one of last night's dreams included, among other things, a friend (actually, two "friends", of which I could only identify one.) who tried to dig a tunnel straight down, into the wet sand inside a cave.

to cut the parts I don't remember, lets say that he somehow disappeared underground. since we have had no idea, we sent crabs to look for him (in my dream, I could speak to crabs, and they could speak to me).

the crabs came back in a couple of minutes, saying they had found a couple of "graves".

later (in the dream), I read in a book that an unidentified friend of mine who loved to watch volcanoes, lost both her arms in an eruption but otherwise survived fine. she continued to watch volcanic eruptions from up close after the accident, but always took someone along to watch.

Tuesday, February 07, 2012


i was in goa last week for my friends' wedding. as usual, i tagged along with a goan friend (this time, with his mom and 4-year-old daughter too), and stayed wherever they were staying. one of the places being, his aunt's home. his aunt has some 8 dogs and as many cats. so anyway, the cats somehow weren't very cosy with me. i'd have to sneak up to them and pet them when they weren't looking, and they'd suddenly jump and run off a few seconds later. except for this one cat, that snuggled in between me and my friend's lil daughter on the sofa. i tried to make small talk with the girl, and the conversation went something like this: (k is me, e is the kid)
k: so you like this cat?
e: yeah, but i don't want to play with him.
k: why?
e: he is hagru.
k: hagru? is that his name?
e: no, he doesn't have a name. he is hagru.
k: but his name is not hagru?
e: no, he doesn't have a name! he is hagru.
k: so if i call him hagru, will he play with me?
e: don't play with him, he is hagru!
k: meh.

anyway, i finally found the same cat sleeping in my bed a couple of hours later.

turned on the light in the room, and it jumped out and ran for the door.

i found it had pooped in my bed.

apparently "hagru" is what they call cats with bowel problems :S

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