Sunday, February 26, 2012

late-night musings

2:30am, last friday night. i was tossing and turning in bed, in anticipation of an important, and early saturday morning.

as a last-resort cure for insomnia, i tried praying (since prayers usually put me to sleep in under 5 minutes!). and i then turned to twitter. and kinda logged my stream-of-consciousness:
everyone's tweeting to themselves at this hour. The beauty of late-night-twitter :)
I think I should just fish out my half dead earphones and my barely charged ipod and listen to kraftwerk while I try to sleep.
something about the way that tweet looked to me struck me. it's hard to describe how, but the sentence seemed to fall together in a fascinating way to me at that hour. it was just a simple one-line description of my thought, that somehow fascinated me.
sometimes, my words seem so alien. the fact that my thoughts can be put together into something that makes some semblance of sense to you.
are we really communicating? or do my symbols have an entirely different meaning to you? are my sights your sounds? your words, my thoughts?
humans are so good of making sense of nonsense, that you all could be white noise from cosmic radiation.
the brain in the vat doesn't need its computer.
we define everything in terms of ourselves. which why we accept no power greater than the self.
even God is anthromorphised. how does your God look like, to you?
are we intelligent? we create the world around while creating ourselves. we destroy the world around, and realize we've destroyed ourselves.
is our perceived intelligence merely a by-product of defining our universe in terms of ourselves?

my fried andrea (who had probably just woken, in australia) asked me what sparked off the stream of thoughts. my answer:
I don't know. I couldn't sleep, tried praying, then singing, and then the rest of my thoughts are on twitter for you to see :)
scrolled back & found it. I had read my own tweet about taking the ipod out and was struck by the words matching my thoughts :)

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