Monday, February 27, 2012

residual dreams

some of you may know that i brought a new bike, early last month. a few pics were on my post about my purushwadi trip (but i didn't mention much about the bike then either... let's save that up for a future post!)

anyway, this dream was about my new bike. around a month ago, when the bike was barely 3 weeks old.

i dreamed that the headlight would prevent the battery from charging (somewhat like how it does on my old bike).

i woke up, knowing fully well that it was a dream, and that i have nothing to worry about. people ride their bikes with their headlights on all the time. and the karizma is better than most other bikes in that regard anyway.

but the next evening, when i was riding home, i didn't switch on the headlights wherever there was street lighting.

and that has stuck with me ever since.

i still have no idea why i have the irresistible urge to switch off my headlights unless absolutely necessary, after that dream. it defies all logic and explanation. and yet, i still do it, a month later.

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