Saturday, February 11, 2012

the morbid

I've been dreaming a lot, daily. been trying to remember them, but it's now a little too much to write.

anyway, one of last night's dreams included, among other things, a friend (actually, two "friends", of which I could only identify one.) who tried to dig a tunnel straight down, into the wet sand inside a cave.

to cut the parts I don't remember, lets say that he somehow disappeared underground. since we have had no idea, we sent crabs to look for him (in my dream, I could speak to crabs, and they could speak to me).

the crabs came back in a couple of minutes, saying they had found a couple of "graves".

later (in the dream), I read in a book that an unidentified friend of mine who loved to watch volcanoes, lost both her arms in an eruption but otherwise survived fine. she continued to watch volcanic eruptions from up close after the accident, but always took someone along to watch.

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