Thursday, October 29, 2009

Lens flare on my phone's fixed-focus camera!

Lens flare on my phone's fixed-focus camera! Whoever'd have imagined that!!!

(that's the sun setting through a gap in my office's window blinds, photographed by my O2 Zinc)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Thursday, October 15, 2009

First reactions

So out of curiosity, i asked some of my male friends, both on and off twitter, the following question:

"if your ex- (who you're not in touch with) was to call you, what would your first thought (before answering/not answering the phone) be?"

Here's their answers, followed by mine:

@s4sukhdeep: something went wrong in her life.. :-/

@Surajram: I dunno if my Ex will ever try to talk to me again. So I'll be jubilant if she calls me.

@Desininja: i'll wish she says "It was my mistake baby. I'm back."

@jhayu: i guess it would depend on how things ended with the ex. If it was on a god note, it would be 'i wonder why she's calling'. If not, it would be 'why the fuck is she calling me'.

Aaron: "Wtf did she do nw?!?!?"

@textualoffender: My thought would be, Wtf followed by hmmm

Vane: It would be 'shit, what happened to her now.'

Vamsi: She's getting married!

@Asfaq: I'd think maybe she has some work from me

Yorick: If < 9 months, "Oh fuck i hope she's not expecting", if > 9 months, "Oh mother of fucks i hope she's not delivered"...

Me: ahh she's back to playing games. Probably just got dumped!

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