Thursday, October 15, 2009

First reactions

So out of curiosity, i asked some of my male friends, both on and off twitter, the following question:

"if your ex- (who you're not in touch with) was to call you, what would your first thought (before answering/not answering the phone) be?"

Here's their answers, followed by mine:

@s4sukhdeep: something went wrong in her life.. :-/

@Surajram: I dunno if my Ex will ever try to talk to me again. So I'll be jubilant if she calls me.

@Desininja: i'll wish she says "It was my mistake baby. I'm back."

@jhayu: i guess it would depend on how things ended with the ex. If it was on a god note, it would be 'i wonder why she's calling'. If not, it would be 'why the fuck is she calling me'.

Aaron: "Wtf did she do nw?!?!?"

@textualoffender: My thought would be, Wtf followed by hmmm

Vane: It would be 'shit, what happened to her now.'

Vamsi: She's getting married!

@Asfaq: I'd think maybe she has some work from me

Yorick: If < 9 months, "Oh fuck i hope she's not expecting", if > 9 months, "Oh mother of fucks i hope she's not delivered"...

Me: ahh she's back to playing games. Probably just got dumped!


DILLIGAF said...

er....which ex?

krist0ph3r said...

the one you'd rather not have call you ;)

WeirdISgooD said...

SHE CALLLED ? urrr.. uhhmmm...which one ?

Tue said...

its been a looooooooooooooooong since i heard anything from you - have any idea who this is ? diya stephen (dS) ring any bells ?

krist0ph3r said...

@0nu hehe nope, no one called!

@ds of course! you're not on facebook or twitter, right? i'm off orkut myself!


it's possible it's selective memory, but this week feels like the first time in my life i'm in this weird sort of general physic...