Sunday, October 07, 2012

i'm not really bald

"just calculated that if you have one haircut a month, i've had as many haircuts in 29 years as you would in 71."
that's right. and here's how:
200dad grew my hair for my first 2 years
156130a haircut every month and a half, usually by dad
1.5126.5grew my hair - bit of trimming every 3 months
4.50.5468my first "bald" years - shaved twice a week, at home!
0.564.33took a break cos daphne didn't like my bald look :P
3.51182my working "bald" years - shaved on weekends only.
2.3259.8the age of laziness: go to the barber every other week :D
which adds up to 851 (after rounding).

and then people think i'm bald.

the value of life

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