Thursday, March 20, 2008

outlook for brains (or why i need a "mark as untold" button)

i have a near-photographic memory for jokes. if i've read a joke before, i recognise it immediately, and in most cases, i can even complete it once i'm halfway through reading it.

i used to make use of that skill of mine to keep track of jokes i recieve in email. once i read a joke, if it was new, i'd save it in a text file. if i sounded familiar, i'd have a laugh, and move on to the next one. it worked this way for a few years, till i got too lazy to save jokes i had whe i finally went to save the jokes, every single joke seeemed familiar (since i've read each one, but not saved it).

recently, the same thing's been happening again. i've been telling so many people stories about my life, that i've forgotten what i've told who. between my blog and all my close friends that i bore everyday with incidents from my life, i probably cover everything worth telling atleast thrice, if not more.

which brings me to the same old problem...i don't know what i've said before and what i've not.

i wish my brain had a "mark as unTold" option :D

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