Monday, March 03, 2008


i've been listening to a lot of music at work of late. nothing new about that, except that i usually have to be picky about what's playing, or i won't be able to concentrate on work. usually, non-vocal trance/classical/instrumental stuff do the trick.

not anymore.

it's a very strange change. i can now work with any music. *any* music. ska, punk, slow rock, fast rock, hard rock, trance, oldies, mush, whatever. even silence (with my earphones still plugged into my ears).

even stranger, i don't seem to be able to recall what i've been listening to. the only way i know i've listened to something is because it's above what's currently playing in my phone/player's playlist.

it's the musical equivalent of sleepwalking, if there ever was such a thing. and i slip into it so easily, it's scary.

back to switchfoot.

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