Monday, March 17, 2008

a year in a blog's life

it's been a little over a year since my first blog post.

when i started off, i never thought i'd end up posting regularly. 367 days, and 196 posts later, it seems i was wrong.

just like i have, my blog has evolved over the year. when i started out it thouight it would be mostly technical and related to pcs or phones or occasionally, music. what has actually resulted is more of my life, my experiences, my thoughts, and strangely enough, humour.

i take this occasion to thank all my readers, both regular and occasional, for being there, spending their precious time, and commenting whenever they saw fit. it's been a great journey, and i will go on, just as my life does.

i also thank the people who inspired me to blog, mainly marj, scott adams, and rahul, but also the tons of other bloggers whose posts i love to read.


ps: third post of the day. i guess i should stop now :P

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