Monday, March 10, 2008

17 hours of biking

it's funny, how theory amd practise rarely coincide.
the ride from mumbai to goa is 600-odd kilometres, entirely on
highways. a road trip should take 12 hours including breaks...right?
apparently not.
it's impossible to average 60 on roads that go up and down hills, with
hairpin bends every 50 metres.
it's impossible to keep your breaks down to 15 minutes per 2 hours
when you're battling scorching heat, blistering sunshine, and a very
sore butt.
it's impossible to keep going at the same pace after a small spill
leaves you bruised and aching.
lesson learnt: keep about 50% buffer time when planning a road trip.
plan for the worst.
oh and once you reach, don't forget to enjoy...cheers!!!

1 comment:

Unknown said...

hey ur in Goa! u lucky bitch. I am in office :(

anyways havve funs.. get back Kings beeer ;)

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