Saturday, January 24, 2009

candy camouflage

i just ate a candy cane for was the first candy cane i received last christmas (yeah, it survived over a month!!!), but identical to another cane, which i had a tryst with about a month ago:

nicky gave me this candy cane (yeah, the same one i just ate) a week before christmas, and made me promise not to eat it till christmas. since i was already busy "tasting" mom's under-progress christmas sweets, it wasn't that hard anyway. so i stashed it away in the fridge, with the warning to everyone else in the house that that candy cane is **MINE** :)

christmas day arrived. few presents (i'm not quite the gifting sort, and people tend to figure that into their gift-buying decisions after a few christmases :D), but lots of sweets. so much, that some of them had to be stashed away into the fridge because *there was no place in the kitchen*!!! well anyway, one evening i demanded sweets because i was hungry. and so mom dutifully dug into the fridge and came out with a plateful.

the first thing i went for was the candy. how thoughtful of her, i thought. she remembered the candy cane is mine, i thought.

i looked at the cane. it was white with red and green stripes, your typical candy cane. it also had a small loop on top, presumably if you wanted to hang it somewhere and give the ants a jolly good time too. after all, isn't christmas about sharing?

the loop at the top was kinda hard, but bendable. not the expected consistency of candy. figured it could be a plastic add-on to the cane. looked for the point where it was attached. couldn't find any. probably a good job. maybe an expensive candy cane (thanks nicky!!!). imported or something, no?

anyway, i decided to start with the straight end and work my way to the (possibly) plasticky loop.

tried breaking the cane in half. it was pretty hard. decided, what the hell. i'm gonna eat it anyway.

bit off an inch of the cane.


and then failed.

it was a fucking plastic cane!!!

lesson learned: if a candy cane doesn't break easily enough in your hand, it's not to be eaten. by you, atleast.

ps: twitter says i thought i ate an identical cane prior to the plastic one...i guess that was my imagination, because i ate it 5 minutes ago :D


Winnie the poohi said...

he he he!! :D :D

Remind me to gift you plastic canes if we ever meet ;)

P.S: Your blog updates are not seen on my blog roll :(

Know any reason for that ?

My Foot? said...

ROFL! Kwichifur!

Deeseelicious said...

Ha ha.... Poor u.

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