Tuesday, January 20, 2009

the president is coming

2 hours ago, my facebook status read:
Kristopher is rolling on the floor laughing at "the president is coming" :D

comment #1 read:
too much furor, no?

guess what. i wasn't talking about mr obama. i was talking about a movie that i was watching. and it was about...mr george w bush!!! my friend on the other hand thought i was laughing at obama's swearing in, which was also happening at the same time!!!

the movie was insanely funny. it's one of those urban indian comedies, the sort that are more english than hindi, and that typically use no more than 1 largish house (in this case, the basement of the american embassy in mumbai) as a set, but still are funnier than blockbuster comedies with budgets that threaten to touch billions of ruppees. it was so funny that my friend laughed through the interval and all the way out of the theater *and* inorbit at the end. he laughed so much that he could only communicate using sign language. the rest of us tried hard to control ourselves, but didn't quite succeed either.

what cracked me up though, was what i said to a friend of mine after the movie.

the (shortened) story:

i wanted to watch this movie for a long time. didn't have anybody to watch it with. till last weekend, when @wanderblah offered to watch it with me. and then today evening, i was forced to ditch that plan, because couple of my friends actually brought an extra ticket for me without asking.

so after the movie, (let's make up a name for @wanderblah: from now on i'll call her shirley) shirley tweeted that she actually was under the impression that i was gonna ditch them to watch the movie with her one of these days.

my reply got me so cracked up that i almost walked into a bush:
@wanderblah a movie ticket in hand is worth two in the bush...no puns intended :P

i think the word bush is gonna be instant laughter medicine for the rest of this week, if not more :D

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