Thursday, January 15, 2009

close your eyes, open your palm

me: close your eyes, open your palm

(with friend 1)
f1: no, i won't.
me: if you don't, you won't get something. open your palm.
f1: okay (opens palm)
me: now close your eyes
f1: uhhhh
me: come on!!!
f1: okay
me: see, that wasn't so bad after all, wasn't it?

(with friend 2)
f2: why?
me: just do it!
f2: no i won't!
me: oh come on!
f2: first tell me why
me: if you don't close your eyes and open your palm i won't give you something.
f2: no i won't.
me: alright, then i'm not giving it to you.
f2: okay.
me: seriously, i won't! (*walks away*)

i wonder what friend 2 was thinking. she just missed some fruit flavoured candy :)


Pallav said...

naughty you are dude :P

candy, yea right!


krist0ph3r said... was fact i gave it to her a couple of hours later (well past writing this post)

you know what sprang to my mind when you said "candy, yea right!"? candy from the jacuzzi-next-door in eurotrip...right after the "scotty doesn't know" song, the first time where that fellow said "this isn't where i parked my car" - what a laugh!!!

My Foot? said...

I'd have done what friend 2 did too :P

krist0ph3r said...

you're a bad girl, and you know it!!!

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