Tuesday, November 04, 2008


made a couple of resolutions this sunday:

1. no dui (or rui, in my case) - simply not worth the chance of getting thrown in jail, however tiny.
2. gym starts this week. period.
3. start tracking my expenses again. now.
4. put the time management training back into practice. it failed the first time, but i'm gonna tweak it a bit to make sure that doesn't happen again.

wish me luck, fellows!!!


Wd said...

You made the resolutions on Sunday...blogged on Tuesday...

Time Management or Procrastination? :P

But your post does makes me realize that resolutions can be made any time, not just on NY Day.

krist0ph3r said...

well...i made the expenses resolution on friday when collecting my account statement, dui resolution on sunday while watching "fashion", time management resolution yesterday evening, and gym resolution at midnight when i realised it was too late to go to the gym...and blogged it today because i realised there are enough of resolutions to merit a post and also to give me a reminder if i forget what the resolutions were (in fact, that's exactly why i checked my blog just now - i couldn't remember what were all my resolutions :D)

Winnie the poohi said...

Whoa! I like you already now :D :D

whats dui anyways?

umm 2nd point.. have bene making that resolution for months now.. n it wasn't this week.. it was tomorrow for me.. you know what,... shall blog about it !!

point no 3.. never works.. I keep thinking how come my CC bill always is 50% of my sal.. the other 50% goes on grocery and other ghar ka expenses!

Time management.. i need it badly.. my cab driver told me today.. if i came late once again.,.. i wont b picked up at all :(

May be.. i shud create some resolutions too :D

Winnie the poohi said...

oh yeah! all the best.. to u and me i guess ;)

krist0ph3r said...

DUI = driving under the influence (of alcohol, usually :D) - R = riding :P

oh and i broke #1 today, about 20 minutes ago :P

#2: it's now postponed to thursday. friend's bday today, going clubbing tomorrow :D

#3: i've made an excel file on my phone that i can use to track my cc expenses as well as my cash ones. it worked fine for months till i got lazy. oh and it's the same as regular excel, so i can just copy it to the comp at the end of the month. the only problem is laziness :)

#4: i was actually doing it well fr some time - the same time as i stopped drinking, started exercising and tracking my expenses. for some strange reason, when i broke one, the others quickly followed :D

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