Thursday, November 13, 2008

indirect anonymity fail

a friend of mine doesn't like me linking to his semi-professional blog with his real name, presumably because of privacy concerns. i broke that rule a couple of hours ago, unwittingly i guess, but still.

anyway, my justification is that anyone who wants to know who he is can figure his real name with enough of thought. here's the process, for the lazy:

  1. every post of his has the footer: "posted by <x> at xx:xx PM..."

  2. quite a few of his posts have comments by a person with the same name <x>

  3. clicking on the comment takes you to <x>'s blogger profile page. it has his first name, industry, and country.

  4. scroll down a bit ad you will see that he also has a personal blog. with his full (real) name as the title

there you go dude. thanks for the timepass. it was a pleasure, really :P

1 comment:

Spec123 said...

That tells you how frequently you actually read the blog (as opposed to scrolling through posts or marking them read on Reader). In the older days my profile used to point to nothing, my name was hidden and all. I removed that restriction some two months ago.

Here you are, an updated reader. Thanks!

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