Tuesday, November 11, 2008

social networking for offline world

i recently called my parents to my comp to show them pics of my cousins living in singapore/korea/australia. they love photos, especially of people they don't see often - so they enjoyed an hour or so of me clicking around my cousins' albums.

somewhere near the end of the hour:

dad: so many photos, doesn't your email get full?
me: no, this is not email. they put up these photos on the internet.
dad: oh, they made a website!
me: no, they didn't make the website. this site is where they put up the photos.
dad: so they put up their photos on someone else's site. don't they get corrupted? do they get viruses?
me: no no!! nothing of the sort. it's safe.
mom: oh!!! everyone can see all their photos!!!
me: no, not everyone. only their friends.
dad: so how did you find it? did they send it by email?
me: no, you can search. i found it from - he's already their friend.
mom & dad: ok. so many photos!!!
me: there are thousands. you'll get bored.
mom: but you're their cousin, not their friend.
me: i just call them my friend. then the site asks them if they're my friend. if they say yes, we're both each other's friends.
mom: how funny.


Winnie the poohi said...

oh how kewt! reminds me of my try to make dad u\s internet.. we have mutually given each other up :)

krist0ph3r said...

yeah, same here...my dad's favourite sentence: "you press a wrong key, you'll get a virus" - he's like obsessed with viruses :D

Pallav said...

dude, I went home last week and my dad pestered me to make a blog for him and he was two posts down in less then 24 hours.

He learned to send email one week back.

Parents are fast these days!


krist0ph3r said...

yeah, my mom once almost found my pr0n collection while searching for "movies" to watch. i was so very freaked out!!!

the weird thing is they learn to use things they don't understand...i can never do that!!!

Wd said...

One very sweet thing my Mum does: she serves lunch/dinner while we are still working on the comp. She will then say, go have food, il switch it off...

Thats the only thing she does with the comp... with ease and love...

Jadis said...

i operate my mom's orkut profile.

krist0ph3r said...

my phone checks my parents mail once a day, and if they get anything new, i call them up and remind them to check their mail for the next 3 days (that's how long the "new mail" reminder waits on my phone before it gives up :D)

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