Sunday, July 22, 2007

my technicolour dream

i had some really vivid and funny dreams last night. i've had happy dreams, sad dreams, scary dreams, depressing dreams, outrageous dreams, but i don't ever remember ever getting the same vibes from my dreams as i did last night.

when i woke up, i could only vaguely remember what the dream was, but i remember thinking to myself: "that was such a cool dream! i gotta blog it!" of course, i then promptly went back to sleep and forgot everything. anyway, true to my word, this post is here - except that i can't remember a word of what i wanted to put into it.

the only possible logical explanation for that dream is the vodka i had last night. i hope i don't ever manage to prove the connection between smirnoff and cool dreams. if i do, i might just end up an alcoholic :P

still, smirnoff -> cool dream is an interesting connection. i wonder if i'm on my way back to the traditions of priests/chiefs of various tribes who used to smoke up/drink interesting stuff in order to have 'dreams' about the future or gods will. scary.

this post simply does not make sense. i can't even blame it on the vodka.

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