Thursday, July 26, 2007

i am so predictable!

wonder how many of my friends have noticed it, but there are a few things in common with almost every informal email/message i send out. you'll probably notice a few of these things in my blog too.

here's a quick list...feel free to add more in the comments section :)

  • everything other than the last line of the email is entirely in lowercase

  • every message starts with:

    • "heyyy...wassup!!!" (to a girl or guy)

    • "heyyy...hi!!!" (to a girl or guy)

    • "hmmm..." (to a girl or guy)

    • "sup man..." (to a guy)

    • "dude..." (to a guy)

    • "duuude..." (to a guy)

    • "sup dude..." (to a guy)

  • liberal use of "..." :P and :D in place of all other punctuation

  • liberal use of 3 smileys: :) :P :D

  • every paragraph except the first and last start with either:

    • "btw"

    • "anyway..."

    • "oh and"

    • "as for"

    • "hmmm..."

  • when chatting, alternate lines will begin with either of:

    • "hehe..."

    • "haha..."

    • "hmmm..."

  • when chatting, alternate lines will end with either of:

    • :P

    • :D

  • last but not the least, every message must end with: (note the uppercase k)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

lol ... aren't we all the same!

in fact when I read this post, I figured how much "sameness" we all share when it comes to writing/communication on the internet.

btw, you did leave a smiley while on my blog as well, i'll reciprocate :)

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