Thursday, July 26, 2007

my foot tastes funny... least, it did the last time it got into my mouth :P

the other day i was having a chat with my mom. somehow or the other (i don't remember how), the conversation turned to people puking. (yeah yeah, i know...gross topic...but it happened :D)

so i told my mom that people puke when they drink waaay too much. understandably, my mom had never seen such a thing happen, so she had absolutely no reason to believe my statement. so her next question was: "how do you know that people puke when they drink too much?"

hmmmm...nice question. lotsa answers. answers that i can tell my mom: none.

i obviously couldn't tell her i learned that from personal experience, because that would be...well...stupid to say the least ;)

it wouldn't be nice to drag another friend's name into this, since it would spoil that friend's reputation with my mom for no fault of his/hers. right now, my mom assumes that when i go out to drink i have a couple of beers with my pals. i don't want to break that carefully built assumption with such a statement :D

i finally mumbled my way out of it saying i heard about it somewhere from someone. i just hope i never *ever* puke at home :D

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My Foot? said...

lol, you manage to get yourself in the best situations, don't you :p ?

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