Tuesday, July 24, 2007

i dream of blogging

i have reached new heights of insomnia. It's pretty obvious insomnia is nothing new to me, as i've been suffering from it (yeah, 'suffering' is the word) on and off for as long as i can remember...i probably wrote about it as far back as my first diary (that's right, 1999!), and as recently as a few blog posts ago. The causes for it have also been as varied as they could possibly be...all the way from exam tension to bombay's heat :D

One interesting feature of insomnia is that you always end up thinking of something or the other while you're tossing and turning in bed, waiting to fall asleep. Certain insomnia inducing factors come with their own set of thoughts (eg. relationship troubles, etc. but notably not exam fever :P). Quite a few others like the weather, mosquitoes, power cuts, my owl-like sleep timings (i woke up at 3pm yesterday :D) give me the freedom to think of whatever i want to while sleep eludes me.

Typically these thoughts are about recent events in my life, and how i expect/want their outcomes to turn out. Not anymore. I now "night-dream" of blogging. That's right. It's 4am right now and i've already dreamed of 3 posts, and this is the 4th one.

btw each of the 3 posts before this one were simply discarded as soon as the next one popped into my head. This lucky post survived because i decided enough is enough, and that i shall not let any more of tonight's inspiration go waste, even if i get texter's thumb or a crick in my neck or a completely blank keypad (that's right, this entire post has been typed on my trusty n-gage, while i'm still lying in bed waiting to fall asleep :P)

interestingly, i've already thought of two more blog topics while i was scrolling back through this post. Make that 3. Oh wait, i forgot one already. Hmmm. Must note down surviving two topics, and see if they still make sense when i wake up this afternoon.

Good night :)

ps: another topic strikes 2 minutes later. Damn! Is something wrong with me???

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