Friday, July 20, 2007

let's make potter president!

let's make potter president...or maybe even god!!!

pottermania seems to have reached the peak of its frenzy these days. however, i've noticed something that now strikes me as alarming instead of funny: a few people think of potter as something other than what he really is - a fictional character in a children's storybook.

i guess there are always people who idolize fictional characters (especially when it comes to kids and kids' literature), and there are always people who delve deeply into their favourite works of fiction (lord of the rings et al). nothing new about that. but when people stop thinking of a fictional character as such, and talk about him like a real person, i get alarmed.

couple of days ago a local newspaper published an article about "what people say harry potter would do if he came to bombay". another similar contest was held yesterday. people really thought a lot about their answers. someone won the contest.

i smell something wrong here. people are mixing rowling's fictional magical world with our reality. and these people are not kids, but adults, albeit young ones - students, people working in call centers, whatever. they are voting citizens of india, who feel that it's somehow potter's job to clean the city, remove potholes, eliminate terrorism, demolish slums (and many more things i'm feeling too lazy to type).

wake up everyone! harry potter is a figment of rowling's imagination! he isn't gonna fix our problems. hell, he doesn't even exist!!! stop praying to him, because he isn't god!!! get a life, you retards!!!

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