Monday, September 01, 2008

freaky defaults

i just joined friendfeed 5 minutes ago. since i somehow mistakenly assumed it to have been recently brought over by google (this is what happens when i read too much news out of that one corner of my eye :P) i trusted it with my gmail/facebook ids right away. of course, i later had a doubt and googled it ( again!!!) and realised i was wrong...but i guess it's too late now, and the site looks trustworthy so what the hell :D

so after importing my gmail contacts and facebook profile, i decided to import my blog. and freaked out (click to zoom on screenshot)

those guys guessed my blog address...damn!!! fine, it was just an example of what my blog address could look like, but what the hell!!!

ps: it also reminded me of seth godin's recent post on "the uncanny valley"

1 comment:

My Foot? said...

oh freak! Now that was scary. This is why I don't let any sites get extra close to me. Learn to keep distance from sites Kris :p

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