Sunday, September 21, 2008


i'm surprised at the superficiality of my life. twenty five years on this planet, and i still haven't yet thought this question through:

"why am i here? what am i living for?"

i guess on some level i figured that i don't need to know my destination as long as i keep moving in the right direction, correct?

i seem to have hit a problem. all this while, there was only one way to go. study and get through school, get into college, graduate and get out of college, post-graduate, get a job...fairly simple and obvious.

unfortunately for me, there is no single "right direction" any more. i'm at a crossroad and i don't know where i want to go. for the past 3 weeks, i've been taking halting steps down each way, only to beat a retreat a little later.

strangely enough, the decision seems easy enough for everyone around me who's aware of this choice i have to make. people who hear this problem have their answer ready almost by reflex. and they're almost unanimous. i, on the other hand, have experimented with their directions and am not as sure.

the answer to the question will give me my direction. but the answer has to be mine.


Aghosh said...

get married :p

krist0ph3r said...

you know what? that's exactly what i was thinking, at about the same time too!!! well, the time isn't right yet :D

Pallav said...

Kya answer question yaar, just have fun and enjoy life. You live only once, and no point in living confused.


Defcon said...

I have no idea wat ur dilemma is ... but ya, I can relate to wat ur sayin !!! There's no straight path, no rights and wrongs, just do wat YOU feel is best for u !!!

... said...

that left me confused thou!
good luck!

RandomGyan said...

Dude. Join the club!
I was in the exact same boat a few years ago.

I randomly woke up and thought if today was the last day of my life, what would I want to do?

Ask the question, what answer do you get?

THAT is your answer.

Well, atleast it worked for me :)

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