Sunday, September 14, 2008


a few days ago, i was having a discussion with my friends over lunch about how long we could survive without contact with any humans (in person or over the phone etc.) except through the internet. i.e. contact through surfing/chatting etc allowed, but nothing else. that would also imply no getting out of the house (unless you live in a barren wilderness...but we didn't consider that possibility)

vamsi said 1 month.

sneha and aarti said a week.

i said not more than a few hours.

today i prove my point yet again.

three hours at home with no one to talk to on the phone, no chance of going out (thanks to ganpati immersion and heavy rain), a super-fast net connection and virtually unlimited media on my comp and dvd collection, and i'm feeling sick and depressed.

i think my internet connection *causes* depression, rather than alleviating it.


My Foot? said...

I could survive a month, can I get out of the house at night when no one's around, the air circulation in my house sucks :(

Pallav said...

dude, gimme net and mountain dew and open the locks to my doors when the world ends.



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