Monday, June 18, 2007

my unique living arrangement

ok...maybe not unique, but definitely uncommon :)

what happened is that since 1st june, i've been staying with my relatives, while my former roomies have shifted to another friend's place. as a result, i rarely end up meeting them after work. since they stay quite far away from my relatives, i end up staying the night with them if we meet up. that gave rise to a problem - i need a change of clothes for my next day at work. which means i have to know atleast a day in advance before we decide to meet up.

simple solution: carry one change of clothes to work everyday.

this gave rise to another problem - now i can't stay out for 2 days in a row.

finally i hit upon the perfect solution. i have two bags, one large one in which i carry a week's supply of my clothes to and from bombay every weekend, and the other (smaller) one which i carry to and from work everyday. i decided to keep my big bag at work, in my cubicle. every evening, i pack my small bag with a fresh set of clothes that i will wear the next day. i then go and stay at wherever i have planned to for the night - either with my roomies or with my relatives. next morning, when i reach the office, i transfer the used clothes back to the big bag.

in short, i live out of my cubicle. it works perfectly too!

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