Sunday, June 17, 2007

let's ban orkut?

the shiv sena has been creating quite a ruckus of late over apparently they've forced a lot of cyber-cafes in mumbai to manually ban the site (ie peep over users shoulders and stop people whenever they open the site), threatening violence if the cafe operators don't comply. they also vandalised a few cafes just to show they mean business. and they have applied for the site to be banned by isps too. one of the authorities of the sena's student wing was quoted as saying something to the effect of "if we stop people from using orkut, it will lose money from advertising and run into losses"

their reason: apparently there are a few communities on orkut that speak ill of their party, its leader, mr balasaheb thackeray, and his son mr uddhav thackeray.

the incident leaves me deeply embarrassed for them on many levels. in fact i don't even know how to begin my rant. i expect to get more infuriated and abusive as i progress. my apologies about that. they don't deserve fury or abuse, they deserve sympathy and a free ticket to the nearest asylum. however i don't have any qualms about insulting certain retards. so here goes:

first of all, orkut or google doesn't create communities. users do. the sena should please understand that statement before they do anything.

people speak ill of the sena because they think ill of it. shutting their mouths isn't gonna shut their thoughts. in fact, shutting orkut won't even shut their mouths.

by infringing people's freedom of speech, they make more people think ill of the sena, and hence speak ill of them - this post is a case in point :)

orkut has many millions of users. banning it in one city won't make the slightest dent in its popularity.

orkut isn't even the most popular social networking site out there. it's just extra visible because it's filled with the retard-scum of the earth. wonder if the sena has heard of facebook or myspace. we could slam dunk the sena into the nearest commode on slashdot and no one would notice. that's because slashdotters have a significantly higher average iq than orkutters. (citation missing)

the sena is worried about the few (hundreds at max) communities that poke fun at them, while there are several thousands of india bashing communities out there. it's ok, we never really thought they were patriotic anyway, so there's no need to back up and cover their ass now.

dunno if the average indian realises this, but you can generally judge the strength of a person (or group of people) by how they take criticism. i can't overemphasise this point. mr bal thackeray needs a good dose of self esteem more than he needs the cocktail of medicines that's keeping him alive these days (assuming he does have anything to do with this farce). if this is uddhav's idea, then he probably (personal comment about uddhav's sex life deleted for decency's sake. use your imagination)

hmmm...i think i've got infuriated and abusive enough. bring on the sympathy and the free ride to the asylum.

on a sweeter note, when people make dumb blonde jokes i'll have my "smart" tiger jokes to one-up them. yay!!!

ps: i now realise why online privacy is so important. if i die or get castrated unexpectedly, you know who did it.


Shaunak Sastry said...

Kudos, Kris! Rock on! You've hit the nail on the proverbial head! Great post..!

Jeetendra said...

Gr8... Argumenetive Kristo... but kristo... be careful if Mr. Thackerey Comes to know about this... dont know if banning orkut in Mumbai would make a Difference or not but it will make difference if they got their Eye on you....

Anonymous said...

Hey Kirss, ur post is kewl and everything, i 'd really liked it, but then addy u don want urself murdered in ur bed do u ?

dmw said...

dude thackeray's a dangerous guy...

youre worse.


amazing. couldnt have been more sarcastic myself!! loved it!

Anonymous said...

ahhhh.... so damn true...

Preeti Arya said...

Hi Kris,
Is that called 'ranting'? I think it was just stating-the-facts or showing-the-mirror...
Well written!!

My Foot? said...

good to see someone hitting back!!
everyone else to way too chicken to squeak against them..

by infringing people's freedom of speech, they make more people think ill of the sena, and hence speak ill of them - this post is a case in point :)
loved that one like hell!

WeirdiSgooD said...

Oh dear !!

Carnations or roses on the grave ?

But you have managed to putinto words exactuhly wht i was thinkin fatty..howdya do tht ?

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