Friday, June 22, 2007

best way to introduce yourself to a girl

...if you want to eliminate every chance of being her friend (quoted verbatim from a friend's scrapbook - hope she doesn't mind)

hi friend
my name is amit i m from mumbai (bandra)
see i m straight guy that is why i m asking direct
will u b my best friend
if u r ready then trust me u r starting relation with true guy i will b very good friend of urs.but how will we start our friendship i dont no but i dont want to be ur net friend i want to b ur real friend .so if u belive in friendship then mail me ur cell number dont worry i need a friend to share my feelings ,secrates etc,not to give trouble or create problem trust me i will not miss use ur number if u dont want to give then not a problem i will not force u but i will like to say u some fundas of my life which i think for friendship

friendship isnt about whoem you have known the longest
who came first or who cares the best
its about who came & never left

hope u will try to understand

i have a great idea. lets document all the stupid things guys say online in order to "make friends". it'll make me look better when i try my (hopefully better received) approaches ;)

1 comment:

My Foot? said...

hope u will try to understand...

lol, we tried :D !

nice idea at the end though...

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