Tuesday, February 22, 2011

peace on earth and love to all

on monday afternoon, i was traveling by train to churchgate. one of those super fast trains. it was late afternoon, so the train was pretty empty (i had a comfortable seat from the moment i boarded), but almost all the seats were occupied.

a stop later, i noticed an elderly woman standing in the gangway between two doors. not very well dressed, with a hardy air about her (probably like that of someone who has to live without material comforts) but still, clean.

she stood in the gangway for a few minutes after boarding the train. at some point, she walked towards the seating area where i was.

she laid her right hand on every person's head, one at a time, and mumbled something for a second before moving to the next person.

the guy sitting next to me (a middle aged man) fished out a 2 rupee coin and handed it to her while her palm was on his head.

she spent an extra couple of seconds mumbling over his head before moving on.

once she was done doing this to each of the 15- odd people in the section of the coach i was in, she went back to her place near the door.

she didn't go to the rest of the coach.

she also didn't actually ask for money or anything. or even say anything out loud, for that matter.

and she then alighted at the next stop, a few minutes later.

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