Thursday, February 24, 2011

click here if you forgot to forget your password

i've been going through turbulent times with my phones. after i lost the galaxy in a rickshaw out of sheer negligence in december, i've been using phones ranging from my marine, to my friend's motorola w220, back to my marine, and now another friend's samsung j-somethingsomething.

and in the process, i've realized that i've lost my touch when it comes to remembering passwords.

just like my first cellphone led me to remember just 10 vital phone numbers down from my peak of 50, my everything-signed-in galaxy took me from remembering all my various passwords, down to remembering just two (i'm not gonna tell you which).

and now, i'm back to having to remember multiple passwords.

except that over the last year, i've gone from simple, crackable, shared passwords to stronger, unique ones.

bottomline: i can't remember half my passwords anymore.

as a result, i've been (unsuccessfully) trying to log in to twitter for a while now.

i don't want to use the "forgot password" link as it'll sign me out of all the services that are linked to twitter.

so in my spare time, i've been trying all the passwords i remember.

till today, 5 days into my current phone, when i had the brilliant idea of trying the twitter password from back in december.

apparently, i forgot that i haven't forgotten my password.

for the record, my first tweet from this phone was:
Wonder wtf gave me the idea that i changed my twitter password. tried all combinations on this phone for days. my old password worked. #fml

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