Sunday, March 08, 2009


today is my mindless day. few minutes ago:

t: i get the point.
k: there wasn't a point!!!
t: i got it anyway.
k: stop stealing my points...i wasn't gonna give you any!!!

n: i am happy with my madness
k: i am mad with my happiness

s: Why do I always have to mis-read Chloe as Chole? :-/
k: because you'd rather eat chloe ;)
s: I'm concerned about my stomach, man. Cant least mot on Womans Day ;)
k: haha if you're eating chloe she's not supposed to reach your stomach...women's day or not ;)

half an hour ago, my friend and i practiced riding my bike together. i was on the brake/clutch/steering/gear, he was on the accelerator. i was also on the phone, but that's another story. :D


Jadis said...

this is the life and times of kris!


Pallav said...

he he he happy and mad. ok, check this.

Santa and Banta were feeling happy. Happy got disgusted and left.

Dude, bike stunts can fix your face's appointment with miss road, better ride on top of her than lie down on her.




krist0ph3r said...

i have a joke on similar lines too:

me: how you doing?
someone: i'm doing good
me: but what about your boyfriend? does he know this?

Freya said...

You have been awarded, check out my blog!

I Am Nikhil said...

i remember reading these in realtime! well sum of them atleast.

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