Thursday, March 05, 2009

and i also need...another tag!!!

my funniest tag in ages. here's what you do:

google your first name with *needs* in quotes, like this.

fill in the first 10 matching sentences. skip duplicates, for more fun.

here goes:

  • Kristopher needs criteques for work.

  • Kristopher Needs A Man Of His Own. (fuck!!! damnit!!! wtf!!!)

  • Kristopher needs a family who understands grief and loss and adoption issues and is open to ongoing counseling.

  • What Kristopher needs now. Sponsors.

  • Kristopher needs to learn to use speech marks appropriately; he needs to continue to learn phonic patterns and letter strings; he needs to work to improve his handwriting, with particular emphasis on the taller letters.

  • I never once heard him say anything about Kristopher's needs.

  • After Ms. Kanga, the principal discovers that Kristopher is worried about his parents divorce, she says she knows what Kristopher needs...Rainbows.

  • Kristopher needs to get shit done.

  • Kristopher's 13, and Kristopher needs a liver.

  • But more advice is the last thing Kristopher needs - all he needs is focus on getting the system back online.

ps: i'm tagging a few people on facebook. if you feel tagged enough, you don't need my prodding though. just go and do it!!!


Winnie the poohi said...

mine sucks! i wud never put that up!

krist0ph3r said...

i think most of the indian names are like that...another friend named aditi had a sucky one too...but try steve and you'll see how funny the guy who tagged me was :D

Freya said...

mine too sucks. but googled my pseudonym and the results were quite saucy.

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