Wednesday, October 29, 2008

near misses

recently a couple of coincidences startled me. like on monday, when i went to the russel peters' show in mumbai, a friend of mine who was also there, was looking for me but apparently didn't find me.

freakiest of all, was the fact that we were sitting in adjacent rows...his seat was h40 and mine was i40!!!

the puzzle was sorted out when we figured that he was at h40 on the ground floor and i was at i40 on the first floor :)

a couple of hours later came a real biggie.

i was showering at 1:45am last night, with my phone playing music from its ziploc bag (i do that all the time :D) when it rang.

friend: "wassup".
me: "what the fuck???!!!"

apparently he didn't realise it was the middle of the night :D, and yeah, while i'm usually up at this time i don't like the thought of people taking that for granted (just in case i decided to sleep early for a change, no?)

and then came the *mindfucking* revelation. he was in kashid last weekend when i was camping alone. he finally figured that out from the green tent in my facebook album.

guess what. i saw him there. he and two other guys were the only other people on the beach that afternoon. they played with a beach ball, and then a frisbee. i remember looking at them and wondering if i should join them.

guess what. they saw me too. my friend apparently envied me my tent and suggested to his friends that since i'm all alone, they should beat me up and take my tent.

the only reason i didn't ask him if he wanted to come to kashid, was because i was intent on going alone. in fact, the thought had crossed my mind just the night before, while i was packing.

to add to the coincidences, it was his first trip to kashid (i, on the other hand, am quite a regular :D)

i still can't believe it happened.

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Winnie the poohi said...

ahh a week of coincidences .. nice!

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