Monday, October 20, 2008

the girlfriend problem

of late, a lot of my friends have been suggesting that one of the possible solutions to my multitude of problems is to get a girlfriend (or to make it sound more achievable, "find a nice girl who likes you"). which is ironic, because just a couple of weeks ago i ditched the nearest chance i've had of getting one in recent times (i.e. a girl who probably once liked me, and who i like(d) too, but with whom things went very awry - and that's like the closest by an order of magnitude :D)

anyway, back to the problem at hand. i need to find a girl who likes me. now unfortunately, one of the problems that's being attempted to be solved is that i tend to get lonely, and that tends to make me depressed, which causes a whole lot of other problems for me. also, i tend like cheerful, smiley girls, someone who generally has a positive outlook on life (if she didn't, she couldn't help motivate me to solve my problems, no?). but cheerful, positive girls like cheerful, positive, happy guys. and i can't be one till after i've found such a girl. and hence forms a recursive loop with no obvious exit.

the only way out that i can see is for me to date a cheerful (+female, +single) psychotherapist. hmmm.


Pallav said...

Dude, a girlfriend is only the start of many of life's problems. If you are sad then do something that makes you happy, go for a drive, listen to music, get laid or someting.

Getting a girlfriend is not a solution, friends tell you this cuz they are themselves fucked and they can not bother to see you single and happy.

Um yes.

take cares!


Winnie the poohi said...

ah! no wonder guys find women psychologists so sexy! She is multi functional innit ? :D :D

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