Thursday, February 14, 2008

super elite

I used to love l33t. It used to be some sort of code, something of a secret geek-to-geek communication medium. i never passed any secrets using it...but it felt good to use it for cool stuff anyway. I used to teach the concept only to people who, in my eyes, were geeky enough. unfortunately, now that total n00bs use it for their orkut profile names, it's somewhat lost it's charm, although it does give me the "i was there first" satisfaction, just like gmail and blogging and windows nt do.

So yeah. I still occasionally use leet. I freaked myself out yesterday at work though.

I typed out a whole sentence in leet. In fact i was speaking on the phone while i typed it, and i wasn't even thinking about what i was doing.

Scary. Or maybe i've just graduated from l33t to 5up3r l33t :D

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