Monday, February 25, 2008

my 'look like a pirate' day

in a fit of adventurism, i decided to stray from my usual goatee and adorn my face with something a little fancier this weekend. the results seemed decent enough in the mirror, and laziness got the better of me so i decided to wear it for the rest of the week.

that was till i looked at myself in the restroom mirror today afternoon.

i should look at the mirror while dressing, not a few hours later. pirate beards and formal office wear apparently don't quite go together.

anyway, this is about the closest i can get to having a bad hair day so i guess it's not that bad. my only worry is that i'll forget to look into the mirror tomorrow morning and so forth, and i shall have a bad hair week instead of a bad hair day.

ah well. who cares? yaharr, me mateys!

1 comment:

Unknown said...

bad hair day?? dude! Far From It! The *most awesome* hair day ever :P ... It looks like Veerappan.. umm.. well slightly differently located tho.

This post isn't complete without a pic tho... pic!! pic!! we want pic!!


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