Wednesday, December 12, 2007

the hillarity of latency (or why timing is everything)

a couple of days ago, i was running late to work. what made it even worse was that i had a meeting scheduled right at the start of my day, and i was pretty sure i'll miss the start of it. as part of my mental preparation to entering a meeting late, i asked my friend sneha (who was also attending), to text me the moment the meeting started.

i reached 15 minutes late. unfortunately for me, i didn't receive any message either. either way, the meeting went off fine (hopefully i haven't messed up my manager's opinion of me too much :D), and sneha and i went back to our desks.

it so happened that we both had to meet someone that day, and he hadn't reached work yet. sneha and i decided we'll go meet him together when he arrives.

2 hours later.
(actual sms conversation follows)
s: He hs cm jst nw.
k: You can im me na..if ur feeling rich you can better spend the money by buying me lunch...unless you have free sms just like me :) anyway..we'll meet him now
30 seconds later.
(sneha calls me)
s: you okay?
k: ya...i'm coming there...let's go.
a minute later.
(i walk over to sneha's desk)
k: let's go meet him.
s: who *are* you trying to meet!!!
(5 minutes of discussion follow, till we finally realise exactly what happened)

sometimes, timing is everything.

ps: a vital but implied piece of info is missing from the story. let's see who can figure it out - other than sneha, of course :P


Meghna Bhujwala said...

You guys were to meet different people? Oh cmon, jus spill it out!!!

krist0ph3r said...

haha...yeah...unfortunately for me, people who read my blog prefer asking me in person, so i might as well spill answer here:

i didn't get sneha's message in the morning even though she sent it...what actually happened is that the message was delivered a few hours later...hence the hilarity - and the title :)

My Foot? said...

God please bless me with more common sense... I'm gonna get to to tell me this story all over again IN PERSON!

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