Tuesday, December 11, 2007

a haunting deep breath

of late, i've been listening to songs by muse over and over again. i feel a very strange attraction toward their songs, and that's despite me being unable to understand a lot of their lyrics, and their music being considerably heavier than my usual tastes. i just keep hitting "back" after each of their songs is nearing its' end, so much so that there have been days when i've only listened to one album of muse and nothing else, simply because it takes me an hour to bring myself to get my player out of repeat and to move to the next track.

today, while listening to new born (my favourite, and the first muse song that i ever heard, way back in 2001), i suddenly realised why. it was very startling when i realised it, but so obvious when i hit back and listened to that and muse's other tracks.

the lead singer (Matthew Bellamy) breathes in audibly.

i'm serious. he does. it sounds something like a reverse gasp, and it's before virtually every line of most songs, sometimes more noticeable than others, but almost always present.

get your hands (or rather, ears) on "new born". it will haunt you.


Pallav said...

mp3 post kar de yaar...or put a vid up on yer blog...yeah we are lazy people :P


Pallav said...

BY the way, have you heard porcupine tree? try the song blackest eye, and find the whispering parts in that...its the most awesome production ever!



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