Monday, December 31, 2007

a new beginning

i'm very bad at making and keeping resolutions. unfortunately for me, i lose sight of my goals too easily. this year, i'm gonna bombard myself with my resolutions to the point where i don't even need to consciously think about them. and i've left out things that are too hard to achieve :D

so here's my list:

  • wake up before 8am on weekdays.

  • maintain a personal diary.

  • exercise for 1 hour on atleast 12 days a month.

  • walk for an average of atleast 30 minutes every day, minimum 20 minutes every day.

  • save atleast 60% of my salary every month, till i either buy a car or a house.

  • don't drink on more than 2 occasions in a month.

6 resolutions. 3 about health, 2 about money, 1 about discipline, 1 about self analysis. pretty balanced...i hope.

now i have to make sure i follow them...i'll start by waking up before 8. wish me luck :)

oh and i almost forgot, a very happy new year to y'all!!! may 2008 be a year of great dreams, great opportunities and great successes for all of us :)


Meghna Bhujwala said...

yeyiiii..nice :) a very happy new year to you too!! Keep Rocking!!

krist0ph3r said...

my year's started good...i've woken up at 9:30 (but then again, i was awake till 4am...and it *is* new year's day)

walked for over 40 minutes.

decided to not drink at today's lunch (the beer in the fridge can wait :P)

day 1: mission almost accomplished :)

Pallav said...

dood, tera phone aa gaya? review likh de ;)

hope the resolutions stick!



Anonymous said...

>> don't drink on more than 2 occasions in a month.

I am sure "will quit drinking" would have taken a things a bit too far. After all, its just a New year. :)

But, don't you think that if we are having to make resolution for something, it can't be that important. I tried quite a few times to maintain a log of my expenses but, did not do it. Reason was that if I know that as long as I know that my expenses are not unessary, this being subjective of course, any log is not going to aid me in cutting down my expenses.

Damn, it is meant to be a comment and I am rambling on! Now, you know how I write on my blog! :)

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