Monday, October 29, 2007

tweet, tweet!

just when it seems like social networking sites have been done to death, something came along that was radically different - so different, in fact, that i was convinced to sign up on the day i first heard about it - unlike the usual period of indecision that lasts a few months for other sites :)

twitter is a social network that lets you post what you're doing right now, a random thought, or pretty much anything you want to say, a.k.a. a "tweet". it's geared toward one-or-two-liners (140 chars per post, to be precise). there's a global timeline, which you share with all twitterers (and which also makes chatting with total strangers about random topics possible), and your personal timeline, which contains your updates, as well as the updates of your friends and people who you are following.

oh amd there's an even nicer place to tweet from: your WAP cellphone. seriously addictive.

check it's a real nice way to maintain your presence online and keep your friends updated, and of course, if you join up, don't forget to add me!

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