Monday, October 15, 2007

how to embarrass yourself at work (part 1)

warning: many parts coming up later. i seem to be very good at this.

my office building has a set of automatic sliding doors, the sort that have some kind of optical sensors and open automatically when you approach them.

one late evening, after a long day at work (over 12 hours, to be precise), i got down to the lobby on my way home. walked up to the sliding door.

it did not open.

i thought the sensor didn't detect me for some reason (a bug, maybe?). i stepped back, and approached the door again.

still did not open.

being a very regular computer user, i decided to take the usual computer problem workaround: try again.

the door simply did not open.

at this stage, i tried waving out at the sensor, thinking that for some reason it didn't seem to recognise me moving toward it and might be more captivated by lateral motion.

still no response.

i decided to make the sensor's work a little easier. i jumped up at the sensor while waving at it, trying to get a combination of linear and lateral movement. as usual, i used the "try and try till you succeed" approach.

apparently it didn't help much.

at this stage, the night watchman got over his mirth and walked up to me and pointed at the "open door" button.

no one told me they switch off the sensors after 8pm :(


Meghna Bhujwala said...

lol..awww..i wish i could have seen this!! u mite've looked cute!!

krist0ph3r said...

if only it did...but then again, cuteness lies in the eyes of the beholder ;)

Anonymous said...

dude .... i'm pretty sure u have camera's out there. and one of them mite have captured this event (if i may call it so :-)) ) ...
I'm sure ppl wud enjoy watching that !!

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