Friday, August 03, 2007

they got it all wrong!

yesterday, there was an advertisement on the front page of one of the newspapers i subscribe to. it was an ad for for jewelery pieces/showpieces modeled after the different zodiac signs. the caption caught my attention:
you cannot change your life.
but you can change your luck.

hmmm. my first reaction was that they were probably being sarcastic. however, the statement (if sarcastic) would be trying to convince people *not* to buy that thing. also, from personal experience, over 80% of the people i know don't get sarcasm. and i've not seen any sarcastic indian advertisements yet. it's probably a chicken and egg thing. :D

anyway, since when can i *not* change my life? am i a preprogrammed moist robot or something? and if i can improve my luck, but my luck doesn't change my life, then what kind of crappy luck is that? besides, if i can't change my life, then i should not be able to improve it by getting the zodiac crap they were selling, right?

what an advert. and on the first page of one the leading national dailies, no less. either the person responsible started thinking 5 minutes before his deadline, or the advertiser is truly dumb.

<sarcasm>either way, it makes an immense sales pitch for the zodiac showpieces...anyone taking bets on me buying one of them???</sarcasm> :D

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